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Technical Data "EGA30LV":
• Length 6,6m (22ft)
• Connector BNC
• Max Power 30 Watt CW
• V.S.W.R: 30m: 1,4:1
• V.S.W.R: 17m: 1,8:1
• V.S.W.R: 12m: 1,3:1
• V.S.W.R: 15m: ATU (2,6:1)
• V.S.W.R: 10m: ATU (3,5:1)
• Antenna wire with PE jacket made of hard drawn copper ca. 0,3mm2
• Amidon/Fair-Rite toroid
• "Light-Version" reduced weight approx 140 g / 5 oz
Scope of Delivery:
Ready to use antenna with manual.
incl. MwSt: 89.- € plus shipping
EGA30LV - End Fed Antenna for 30/17/12m Light-Version (15/10m with ATU)
The EGA30LV antenna is an easy to handle end-fed antenna for QRP usage. The "LV" (Light-Version") is optimized for trail-friendly
weight. This resonant antenna covers 3 bands, from 30m to 12m, without the need for a tuner. (For 15/10m an ATU is often
required, depending on influences). Many small QRP Transceiver don't have an antenna tuner build in.
Being mostly insensitive for environmental influences is the big advantage of such a resonant end-fed antenna. The length of
6.6m (22ft) brings an easy-handling even at small places. Radials are not necessary. With careful tuning the maximum efficency
and absolute minimum feedline radiation is achievable. With proper mounting no antenna tuner is required or should be used.
However, if necessary an antenna tuner can match this antenna if it is not well-adjusted or mounted in less than perfect