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End Fed Antennas for QRP usage.
Made in EU and build with high-
quality materials. The VSWR of
every single antenna is checked
and tuned before delivery.
We live QRP! Every antenna, every
device and every piece of material
is used by myself and checked for
the purpose. No excuses for bad
A perfect field-day needs more
than just a good antenna. The
right gear is the key to success!
End Fed Antenna "EGA40"
40/20/10m band
End Fed Antenna "EGA40LV"
40/20/10m band
DJ4WD LabShack
LabShack Antennas and QRP Supplies
QRP is the essence of ham radio. All low power enthusiasts need a good antenna. For this purpose I'm developing end fed
multiband antennas covering amateur radio bands. On offer are the so-called "EGA40" or "EGA30" antennas. A supplement
product on offer is the "EGA40LV" or "EGA30LV" antenna, a lightweigth version. Without the need for a tuner, the handling is
straightforward. Many QRP transceiver do not include a tuner, in this case my antennas are the perfect match.
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End Fed Antenna "EGA30LV"
30/17/12m band
End Fed Antenna "EGA30"
30/17/12m band
'We may not be big, but we're small.'
End Fed Trap Antenna "EFT40"
40/30/20m band
End Fed Trap Antenna "EFT60"
60/40/30/20/10m band